Dearest Reader,

Please note — this is not a full length novel. It’s a short, hot, erotic tale of two people with a history. It does have some public sex acts that some might find objectionable, but I highly doubt it. 🙂

Best regards,

“Mel, you have to help me!” Anna hissed as she stepped around the corner of her best friend’s cubicle.
Melanie mouthed the words, “What’s wrong?” as she continued to listen to the caller on the other end of her line.
“He called,” Anna mouthed back as she held up her cell phone to show Mel the number on the display. Sam Garrett was written on the screen. For Anna, it may as well have said One-Night-Stand. Or Old-Friend-With-Benefits. Or The-Love-of-Her-Life-Who-Didn’t-Want-Her-for-More-Than-Sex. The one man she’d hoped would never call again.
“Let me call you back,” Mel murmured to her caller. Then she hung up the phone and turned to Anna. “Let me see that.” Anna willingly surrendered the phone. “Thirty-two seconds? That’s how long you talked to him?” Mel’s mouth hung open in awe.
Anna nodded as she nibbled the inside of her lips, which she firmly pressed together. If she didn’t, she’d scream.
“Tell me exactly what he said,” Mel prompted.
Anna thought for a moment. He’d said the same thing he always did. Did she really want Mel to know what that was?
“Out with it,” Mel snapped.
“He said ‘Can you come over at five? I want to be inside you by five-oh-five,’” Anna murmured.

Dear Readers,

Please be aware that this is a short, hot, steamy, sexy story. It is not a full length novel.

Best regards,
Laurel Bennett

Audrey has the hots for her house guest and is mortified when he walks in to find her doing something naughty. It’s not until he gets her husband on the phone that things get steamy.


I pushed myself up on my elbows and looked back at my naked bottom. It was pretty. Pretty round. Still in good shape. I was happy to say that I still had it. I didn’t have it as nicely as Matthew did, though. Matthew was perfect, with his chiseled face and confident jaw. I’d caught him coming out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a towel a few nights ago, and I’d wanted to lick the drops of water from his chest. But then John stumbled into the hallway and shooed him in to his room. Matthew had gone. But for a moment I’d wished he would drop the towel so I could see if his ass was as hard as his chest appeared to be.

I would go to hell for fantasizing about a man who wasn’t mine.

Simon Matthews never, ever thought he’d be abandoned at the altar by his fiance. Her reason — he’s too good for her. He never calls to whisper dirty things in her ear, he doesn’t get her panties wet, and he doesn’t have sex in any position but missionary.

Simon is left to go on his honeymoon without a wife, until he stumbles upon Abby, who has been revirginized. She’s safe with a man like Simon, right? Abby is taken in when he says a few simple little words — “Do you know anyone who can teach me to be bad? I’ll pay.” Ten days with simple Simon, who isn’t bad enough to be a threat? Or is he?

‘Phone actress’ Amanda ‘Chloe’ Davenport has always done the dirty talking—until now. On the phone she’s brave, bold and sassy, able to make a man come with a single whisper. In reality, she’s shy and self-conscious, and she’s been unwilling to put her heart on the line with a man. Until she meets Robby. Now she finds herself in a tiny beach cottage, awaiting the scariest role of her life—as a woman yearning to be touched, fulfilled and worshiped by a man.

Computer nerd Robby Mitchell isn’t a take-control type of guy. But when he realizes how damaged and frail Chloe’s self-confidence is, he decides to take action and show her how a man should treat a woman. Will his plan of seduction teach her a thing or two about talking dirty?

What’s a woman to do when the past comes knocking, beating a fierce rhythm on the very walls of her new-found life? Beating hard enough to shake the very foundation of her life, not to mention her daughter’s?

Louise Smith is perfectly content in her mundane little world. She’s built a family for herself, insinuating herself into the very wealthy household of Margaret Wester, a famous horse breeder with as much money as she has sense. It was one of Lou’s luckiest days when Mrs. Wester’s workers found Lou on the side of the road with nothing more than a black canvas bag thrown over her shoulder. The bag holds a secret, one Lou will be forced to face, or die trying.

Broden James Wester, III hasn’t been back to the family farm or fold for twelve years. He’s a successful surgeon who is much too busy for family. But when Lou calls him home to attend his dying mother, his family is not the only thing he’s forced to attend.

At the same time Brody’s past comes knocking and draws him home, Lou’s past comes hurtling at her with the speed of a hundred horses. Can she safely straddle both words, while dealing with the dashing surgeon who doesn’t want to be on the farm?

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